3 Tips To Building A Responsive List

3 Tips To Building A Responsive List


I just bought a product after being on a list for over two years. I hadn’t spent one red cent with this guy for two years, but like clockwork, his e-mails just kept coming.

Day after day after day. Week after week.

I finally gave in and purchased his product recently (it’s in a field WAY outside marketing).

Why did I stay on his list for so long? And why did I finally pony up the cashola for his product?

It’s because he had taught me to respond. Just like he taught everyone on his list to respond.

How did he do it? Lucky for you, I’m a sharing guy.

Here are three things he did to build a responsive list…

  1. He Built Rapport With His Readers
  2. He Created Excitement And Anticipation
  3. He Expanded His Line Of Products

Let’s look briefly at each one

  1. He Built Rapport With His Readers

The guy told stories. He made it personal. Over the two years, I got to know him through his emails. And here’s the clincher…

I look forward to getting his emails! Even though I get hundreds a day, I read his first.

That’s powerful. If you can get your readers to look forward to getting your stuff, you can tap into that money tree like a faucet.

So, build rapport with your readers by making your stuff personal.

  1. He Created Excitement And Anticipation

It never failed. He told me all the time…

“Hey, watch out for what I’ve got planned next Wednesday.”


“During the last week of this month, I’m gonna do something really special for you. Watch your e-mail.”

He got his list excited about things he had planned. I caught myself always wishing the day would hurry up and get here so he’d uncover his surprise for me.

My buddy Jeff Walker does this brilliantly. If you’re not on his list at…


… you should be. Read the e-mails you get from Jeff. You’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about here.

When you build YOUR lists, try to excite and ignite them by making ’em look forward to your stuff.

  1. He Expanded His Line Of Products

One thing that always made me envious of this guy is how fast he created products for his list. The dude was like a machine!

It seemed like he was coming out with something every couple of weeks for us to buy.

Now, this is important, so listen up here…

If you want to teach your list to RESPOND, you have to give them something to respond to over and over.

Read that last sentence again.

Give your list something to buy (either your products or affiliate products). Give them something to do (fill out surveys, tell you what they want, tell you where to stuff your latest product).

Then, do it over and over. Train your list to RESPOND.

Last Thoughts

Building lists is great. But, if you build a dead list, you’re just wasting your time.

You have to build RESPONSIVE lists. You want people to WANT to buy your stuff. You want them to look forward to buying your stuff.

I have a friend who makes more moolah with his list of under 1,000 than other knuckleheads make with lists of 100,000.

I’m serious.

A responsive list can support your entire business.


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