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Technology is truly meant to enhance the natural human experience. Here at Appleton we strive to do that with our clients everyday! 

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We Help Brands And Companies Thrive In The Digital World

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Long gone are the days in which technology was merely used as a tool to automate business operations and tech teams consisted of IT professionals who solved everyone else’s computer problems. Today, technology and innovation have taken center stage and are at the forefront of most businesses’ competitive advantage. 

But, what good is having a tech team if it isn’t aligned with the overall business strategy? 

One of the biggest impediments to a company’s ability to deliver results is the lack of communication, collaboration, and overall understanding between departments. Here at Appleton Automations, we seek to solve that challenge by providing you with a powerful software team that allows you to do what you do best… Help your customer! 

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The Appleton "Agile" Manifesto

Learn about the foundational principles that drive our business and underpin our success.


We use our creativity, technology, and our expertise to Make, Manage, and Multiply your business.


Together with technology, lets be the community that connects the world through healthy human experience.


Imagination, Inspiration, Cultivation, Innovation! Technology is best when it brings people together.

Trusted by many to get the job done!

We work with many clients across many industries!

Over the years we have been able to accomplish certain milestones based on our vision and commitment to excellence. 

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