How Appleton Automation Stepped Up with “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy

How Appleton Automation Stepped Up with “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy


|Power of Problem-Solving|

At Appleton Automation, we thrive on exciting challenges, and when “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy” came knocking, we couldn’t have been more psyched. In this case study, we’re thrilled to share how our enthusiasm and problem-solving approach transformed their onboarding process from a struggle into a seamless experience. 

A “BOLD” Challenge

When “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy” reached out to us, they were grappling with the challenges of onboarding clients effectively. As a thriving pediatric speech therapy center, they understood that their success hinged on how well they could bring new patients into their fold. 

This is where Appleton Automation stepped in, ready to tackle the problem head-on.

Stage 1: Acquisition Phase: Solutions Start With Scope

The journey with our clients often begins with the acquisition phase, where we lay the foundation for a successful partnership. While most development companies focus solely on closing deals, we prioritize understanding our client’s pain points; gathering “SCOPE,”  and crafting tailored solutions.

Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy’s Dilemma

The team at “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy” has successfully maintained a thriving patient database but struggled to transition their patients from prospects to active participants seamlessly. Their onboarding process could have been more efficient, causing delays and frustration for both the team and clients.

Appleton Automations’ Approach

We recognized that the first step in solving any problem is to understand it thoroughly. Our development team spent time with “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy” to gain insights into their current processes, client expectations, and pain points. We listened actively and crafted a strategy to address their specific needs. 

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Stage 2: Assimilation Phase 

The assimilation phase is where our custom development team truly shines. Armed with a deep understanding of our client’s challenges, we created a solution to simplify the onboarding process.

The Birth of a Back-End Portal System

To address the onboarding challenges, Appleton Automation created a custom back-end portal system for “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy.” This system was designed to streamline the user journey, making it easier for patients to provide the necessary Information and for the therapy center to manage portal interaction, appointments, paperwork, and patient data.

With this portal system in place, patients could:

  1. Effortless Information Submission: Parents can effortlessly upload necessary documents and complete intake forms online, eliminating the hassle of dealing with extensive paperwork.
  2. Efficient Management of Multiple Patient Sub-Accounts: The portal enables clients to easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments for their children, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring smooth coordination of care.
  3. Access to Valuable Resources: Clients gain access to a wealth of therapy resources and educational materials through the portal, enhancing their overall engagement and understanding of their children’s healthcare needs.

Stage 3: Retention Phase 

At Appleton Automation, our relationship with clients doesn’t end with the completion of a project. We provide ongoing support to ensure our solutions continue to meet their evolving needs.

Customer Service Excellence

As part of our commitment to excellence, we worked closely with “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy” during the post-launch phase to ensure the back-end portal system met their expectations. The aim was to provide them with one running system that helps them capture leads in one systematic manner rather than having leads scattered all over the place. We trained their staff, promptly addressed technical issues, and continued refining the system based on user feedback.

 A Transformative Journey

At Appleton Automation, we’re not just a web development or technology-based firm – we’re problem solvers. We are thrilled to have partnered with “Bold Pediatric Speech Therapy” to address their onboarding challenges and provide a solution that has transformed their client acquisition process.

If your organization faces similar challenges, we invite you to connect with us and book a demo call. 



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