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Imagineer the idea, Bring it to market, and Automate with technology. We are a great team who can solve your technology challenges while creating a healthy environment for your clients and your business to grow.

Powerful Leadership With Passion & Purpose

Servant Based Leadership Team At Your Service

Our leadership team is at your service. Your success is our number one goal! Remember, YOU are the most important person in our conversation. We prioritize strong communication, collaboration, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service at every stage of our partnership.

Joseph M Thaxton

Finance Director

Jason Yoeung


Michael Dunn Jr

Sr. Solutions Architect

Micheal F Beckwith

SEO Expertise

Denise A Davis

UI/UX Designer

Enid D Butler

Cloud Expertise

Raj Malhotra

Sr. Engineer

Sanah Tahir

Project Manager
A Technology Team with a Human Spirit

Why Are We Different

Technology is more than just data driven performance and optimization; it’s about people. Our development team is focused on elevating your  connection with people through authentic digital experiences. With our “human-design” approach; we incubate your ideas, design the user interface, and execute your vision with passion.

Abilities and Skills

Web-Based Platforms & Cloud Architecture
CRM Solutions & Full-Stack Development
Technology Consulting Team
Technical Skills & Support

Our team has the experience you need to succeed.


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We create and deliver your ideas from scratch so you don't have too


Our award winning CRM Solution provides you will all the tech tools you need to build, automate, and scale your business operations!

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